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Monday, May 29, 2006

sub days

Teachers get sub days for mandatory meetings: professional development. however, these days are often times 3 sub days in a row!!! And the professional development may or may not be applicable to the classroom. 3 days is too long to be away from the structure of the classroom and actually hurts the kids -- behavior and the lesson plan both go out the window when a sub is in charge. sure, some subs are great and do their best, but do you remember your subs in high school? enough said. it worries me to leave the kids...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Favorite Dog Picture on the Internet

Here is my favorite dog picture on the internet!

I got him from this website.

Apparently his name is JJ.

And, I also learned from the website that JJ is cute and fluffy!

When I do PowerPoint slides in class, I always begin and end with JJ!

The kids need to see something cute, as do I, and JJ is it!

Friday, May 26, 2006


Please notice that my links have nothing to do with teaching. They are all places I go to get away from the insanity that teaching brings! I may add some that have to do with teaching, but I promise to keep the "safe" ones higher in number.

No Child Left Behind

This blog will mainly be a writhing critique of NCLB and all the evils it portends. But, I will also use it to talk about how my wonderful, cute, adorable, cuddly first graders are driving me insane...absolutely insane! And, of course, I'll tell you a bit about the crazy parents and all that. But, maybe, just maybe, you'll get some insight about what to do about these things. But mostly I'll just be complaining.